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Lithostratigraphic Series

The Lithostratigraphic Series contains comprehensive descriptions of formal lithostratigraphic units which have been approved by SACS. In order to ensure complete coverage of all relevant aspects, contributions follow guidelines adopted by SACS and outlined in SACS Circular 1 (obtainable from the SACS Secretary). Each contribution is reviewed by two or more referees.
Biostratigraphic Series
This series contains standardised, refereed descriptions of formally approved biostratigraphic units, based on guidelines adopted by the SACS Task Group for Biostratigraphy. Illustrations of the biozone-defining fossils and range charts of the taxa present are included. No. 1 contains descriptions of the eight biozones that have been recognized in the Beaufort Group.
Chronostratigraphic Series
Contributions to the Chronostratigraphic Series involve (1) the definition and nomenclature of local Precambrian chronostratigraphic units (Swazian, Randian, Vaalian, Mokolian and Namibian) or (2) comprehensive reviews of radiometric age determinations carried out on South African rocks and their significance for the geological history of South Africa.
Catalogue of South African Lithostratigraphic Units
The above Catalogue comprises standardised descriptions of formally approved igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary units which are too short to warrant individual publication in the Lithostratigraphic Series. Concise "interim" descriptions of units which have been provisionally approved by SACS, as well as existing, approved units, may also be included.
South African Code of Stratigraphic Terminology and Nomenclature
The first edition of this Code was published in 1971, with subsequent editions appearing in 1977, 1980 and 1996. In the Code the various stratigraphic unit terms recommended for use in South Africa by SACS are defined and guidelines given for their practical implementation.
Lexicon of South African Stratigraphy
The Lexicon covers all past and present lithostratigraphic units used in South Africa. For units in current use a basic description covering age, proposer(s) of name, stratigraphic interrelationships, lithology, fossil content, thickness, previous nomenclature, geographic distribution and derivation of name is provided. Volume 1 (Phanerozoic units) has been published. As an interim measure, pending completion of Volumes 2 (Proterozoic units) and 3 (Archaean units) of the full Lexicon, a less detailed Abridged Lexicon has been published. An example of an entry in the Abridged Lexicon is given below.
MACHADODORP MEMBER (Silverton Formation, Pretoria Group, Transvaal Supergroup). Hall (1929 – "Machadodorp Volcanic Series"); Button (1973a). Tuff and agglomerate overlain by pillow basalt; less than or equal to 400 m. See also Button (1976). Area 4b. (Vaalian)




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